A meeting room in Milan with the immersive technology

For the success of an event, it is definitely important to find the most suitable location, the one that seems most suited and appropriate to the results, the event itself, we expect to achieve.

A meeting room in Milan is definitely not difficult to find, the city is full of it, in every area and different size and appearance. Milan really offers endless possibilities for the realization of an event, but only at the Enterprise Hotel is available the unique immersive technology.

The only hotel in Italy with Room 360

Enterprise Hotel, a design hotel and congress centre, has actually the only meeting room that can provide a synchronous projection 360 °. It’s easy to understand how, such a characteristic, is able to become extremely adaptable to a variety of purposes.

The world of events has turned and, even the simplest meetings, often need a coup de théâtre that manages to arouse the attention and interest of participants. And what’s better than a seamless projection that captures and immerse those attending the meeting?

With a development of more than 250 square meters of projectable surface, the immersive room decreases, and sometimes even eliminates, the construction needs allowing you to create a real scene, static or moving, inside the location.

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Hallo world!

Room 360°

The only immersive room in Milan is located at the Enterprise Hotel

Good morning World! Enterprise Hotel has important news to communicate … it came the only and the first immersive room at the hotel.

Your events will never been so empathetic, exciting and beautiful as those made in Enterprise!

But it’s impossible to explain, the Room 360 °, or immersive room, must be seen! Be the first to see the brand new technology that will change the world of events!

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