Innovation is written in our chromosomes

Damiano De Crescenzo, director of Enterprise Hotel and GM of Planetaria Hotels, is the one who, first mapping our DNA, has discovered a particular chromosome: the “I” chromosome.

“I” as innovation …

From the fortunate and interesting context of Expo 2015, the director discovered a technical partner who, along with us, had the same vision and helped us make it real, DCG Company. The immersion hall we are the only owners in the entire world of Italian hotels, has fully expressed our innate tendency to innovate and experience new solutions closer to the needs of our customers.

And it is the customers who, as clearly stated by Mr. Crescenzo, suggest us the best way, the best practice to follow. As were our tutors, they drive us where alone we would not be able to see, discovering new and innovative ways.

Listen to the voice of Director Damiano De Crescenzo, what do he think of the brand new Enterprise Hotel’s immersive room.

Interview released on Web in Tourism 2017 that took place right inside the 360 ​​° Room.

Immersive events come into play: Enterprise Hotel and DCG Company are a perfect team

Expo 2015 has been a great opportunity for many, for Enterprise Hotel was above all the lucky opportunity to do networking and know the DCG Company with which we realized the first and only immersive room in the hotel; Immersive events are the present and future future of companies.

But who is DCG Company?

It is a company operating both domestically and abroad, offering highly technological services in two macro areas: on the one hand it develops live communication projects with digital audio-video-sensorial technologies, on the other hand it realizes events and Immersive interactive multimedia installations. They master the video technology, study and patent new and original solutions to support the most important brands.

Immersive events: how can be useful Room 360 for the companies?

Room 360 ° is applicable to many corporate and institutional contexts, and DCG Company is involved in both technical assistance and the creation of seamless video footage.
Neuroscience and neuromarketing, above all, demonstrate how the strongest and most indelible impression on customers / consumers is to obtain with synesthesia: a sense of contamination to induce new sensory phenomena.

Contemporary visual and auditory perception can lead to a new and more empathetic perception of reality and brand, if the enveloping effect of images and sounds is expressed to the highest possible power; This is why the 360 ​​° Room at the Enterprise Hotel was born, in order to solicit the public’s emotional participation so that the memory of the brand and of the corporate message will crawl its memory for a long time.

DCG Company looks like this, with a video … and how could it be otherwise?