Evento spaziale a Milano: guarda il video!

May 4, 2017, rainy evening in Milan; let’s say one as many, of those we want to spend at home watching TV series.

Instead, it was not for companies and journalists who decided to take part in the Enterprise Hotel space event.

Welcomed by a huge-scale robot, guests were taken to the Enterprise spacecraft to touch, with their eyes and ears, the empathic potential of our immersive room.

We only show you a few seconds of evening video, demonstrating that the world of events has changed; the emotional-piscal immersion of the participants is the real hidden resource of events, the lever that leads companies to reach very high levels of engagement towards their brand.

For those who had not been able to participate in the space event, but still want to live alive the suggestion of a space takeoff, they can contact us at +39 02 31818.844 – eventi@enterprisehotel.com

We will be happy to accompany you in the space!