An immersive wedding reception in Milan

Not even one year after its inauguration, the Immersive Room has already breached not only the hearts of big companies, but even those of single individuals.

ABO2139_rit-1024x683 An immersive wedding reception in Milan

The scenery of your choice for your wedding, without moving away from Milan

Wouldn’t you love to live your wedding reception in the Norwegian fiords? Or on the white beaches of the Maldives? Looking at New York’s skyline, or at the suggestive cherry-blossom trees in Kyoto… and all of it without moving away from Milan?

Thanks to the 360° Room every scenery is the right one for your wedding, and the “wow” effect is guaranteed.

ABO2097_rit-1-1024x683 An immersive wedding reception in Milan

Personalization, involvement, empathy… they are not only characteristics apt to the success of a company convention anymore; today, and ever more, even private events require a deeper emotional component from the hosting location.

ABO2002_rit-1024x683 An immersive wedding reception in Milan

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We are the best location of the year!!

Immersive room ha vinto come miglior location alberghiera 2017

on October 5, 2017, the two days dedicated to the Italian Festival of Events and Live Communication 2017, which was conceived and organized by ADC Group, a publishing company operating with online and paper publishing products in the field of advertising, marketing, media and events.

… and the winner is

Could we not apply our Immersive Room to a prestigious, ambitious and innovative competition? At Bea Best Location Award 2017 we competed with many prestigious and famous realities, and from now on we entered the short list of preferred locations by jurors; but we did not expect to reach the 1st place!

This October 5th was for us, the reconfirmation that we have well placed our hopes and all our sacrifices in this project as risky as fascinating.

BLA_LOCATION-ALBERGHIERA-PRIMO-300x300 We are the best location of the year!!
Enterprise Hotel Immersive Room

The jury

They were called to choose the best hotel location for events, congresses and incentives, the most prestigious signatures in the world of events: Filmamster Events, Merlo spa, Creo International group, Mediolanum Banca, Gattinoni Group, just to name a few.

The marketing and event managers of these business entities were asked to express their vote by taking into account the following criteria:

Architecture and external design
Flexibility and versatility
Interior design and interior design
Logistics / accessibility
Environmental compatibility
Technology and Innovation

And that is why we are particularly proud of the recognition we got!

The “wow” effect of our Immersive Room hit again!


Watch the awarding video; Damiano de Crescenzo, general manager of Enterprise Hotel, retains it for us